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Our advisor team will publish articles on topical issues related to Just Culture.  Many of these articles appear on social media, with LinkedIn being our primary social media channel.  The most recent or contemporary articles will appear here.

The Culture Improvement Index

The Punishment Gap

The Data Series, Issue 3
We are all fallible. But do we all face equal consequences for our workplace mistakes?
Although the majority of modern movements advocating for women’s equality concentrate on employment-related concerns, such as pay disparity, there is a variant of gender bias that has largely remained unnoticed: the punishment gap in the workplace.

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Re: Human Error. We Live in a Punitive World.

The Data Series, Issue 1
“In my department, we refrain from disciplining team members who make inadvertent human errors or mistakes.”
Particularly for those with a safety background, this statement is aspirational. To create a learning culture within an organization, leaders and peers must create a psychologically safe space for team members to raise their hands and say, “I’ve made a mistake.”

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