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Not for mobile phones or tablets. JCAT is software for Windows and Apple computers only.

Using the buttons below, choose which JCAT version to download to your computer.

Current JCAT

Legacy JCAT

Looking for a previous version of JCAT? Version 1.0 installers are provided below. Version 1.0 is an enterprise only release. We do not recommend using version 1.0 unless required by your organization and license requirements. JCAT 1.0 does not include the 4-hours of built in training, Algorithm v 4.0 or the user interface redesign that JCAT 2.0 comes with. If possible, we recommend you upgrade to version 2.0.

Archive of Windows 1.0 versions

JCAT v1.4.81  Multilanguage (French & English)

JCAT v1.4  English only

Archive of Mac 1.0 versions

JCAT v1.4.81    Multilanguage (French & English)

JCAT v1.4 English only

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