Just Culture 3-Day e-Learning Certification Course


15 hours — one half-day per week for three weeks — e-learning  — live-hosted webinars and online course materials

Certification Course attendees receive 15 hours of instruction through a blended e-Learning approach that includes live-hosted sessions with a Just Culture Company Advisor, small group breakout sessions, and at-home assignments.

October 4, 11, 18, 2023
11:00am – 4:00pm EDT/EST

November 1, 8, 15, 2023
11:00am – 4:00pm EDT/EST

November 30, December 7, 18, 2023
11:00am – 4:00pm EDT/EST


Become a deep subject matter expert in Just Culture

Our “teachable, learnable” approach prepares individuals to master Just Culture concepts and apply the Just Culture Algorithm™ in a consistent and replicable fashion, driving improvement in behavioral choices and system design.

Through interactive, scenario-based training, our e-Learning Just Culture Certification Courses provide leaders with the skills to realize improvements in accountability, safety, and performance for their organization.

Whether your organization is contemplating a Just Culture journey or is already on the way, the Just Culture Certification Course will help you build the subject matter expertise that supports a strong, sustainable implementation.  Enroll as a single learner or bring a team!

Course Benefits Include:

  • 15 hours of instruction over 3 days
  • Access to The Just Culture Company’s e-Learning Platform
  • Printed copy of The Just Culture Algorithm™ v. 4.0
  • Printed copy of Dave’s Sub’s: A Novel Story about Workplace Accountability
  • Eligibility to sit for the Just Culture Certification Exam, leading to certification as a Just Culture Champion.
  • 12-month enrollment in The Just Culture Community of Learners, a monthly one-hour webinar for Just Culture Champions to continue case-based learning and hear guest faculty share implementation and sustainability pearls.


  • Identify how the disciplines of human factors; behavioral economics, system engineering, and law inform the principles of Just Culture
  • Describe five behaviors that serve as markers of human intention and the role of managers & organizations in shaping these behaviors
  • List attributes of robust system design
  • Describe 3 duties that inform an employee’s obligations and on-the-job performance
  • Identify elements of a sound threshold (or event) investigation
  • Identify pathways within the Just Culture Algorithm™ used to evaluate specific breaches of duty
  • Using case studies, apply just culture principles and identify conclusions supported by the Just Culture Algorithm™
  • Discuss how evaluations arising from the Just Culture Algorithm™ contribute to better system design, improve cultural norms, and reduce risk proactively

The “3-Days Over 3-Weeks” Intensive Format:

Attend 3 half-days on sequential Wednesdays (11am to 4pm Eastern) with a small cohort of e-Learners facilitated by a Just Culture Company Advisor. Each day includes case-based scenarios, advanced strategies for conducting and using Threshold Investigations, and practice applying the Just Culture Algorithm™. Days 1 and 2 conclude with an at-home assignment, designed to help you assess and apply the Just Culture system of workplace justice to norms in your workplace. At-home assignments are estimated to require 45 minutes to complete. Advisors host 30 minutes of optional Office Hours each day.

Meet Your Advisors

Jerry Allen, MS

Senior Advisor,
Executive Lead, Industry Operations
The Just Culture Company

Samila Dutra

The Just Culture Company


Matt Penrose, TidalHealth, Manager of Laboratory Outreach Sales and Service

“I found the e-learning more engaging than actual classroom learning. Discussions and case scenarios flowed well as the small sized break rooms allowed everyone to share their thoughts.”

Emma McCann, Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Liverpool Women’s Hospital, NHS Foundation Trust

“This course was time well spent for a senior clinician like myself, and I wished I had access to it at an earlier stage in my career.”

Debbie Lesser, Manager Medical Interpretation, WellStar Health System

“In a culturally diverse, high risk industry, it is important to ensure respect for our differences while also addressing the requirements of the organization and needs of those we serve. Just Culture provides the tools to enable us to do just that.”

Alwin Steinmann, MD Chief of Academic Medicine, St. Joseph Hospital, SCL Health

“Presents an organized and fair approach to challenging personnel issues.”

Allen Stanton, Board Member, Southern Tennessee Regional Health Systems—Pulaski and Executive Director, Turner Center at Martin Methodist College

“The course has helped me to be a better board member, a better manager, and a better colleague. It’s given me a deeper way to think through the organizational systems I participate in, and how people – including myself – are responding to them.”

Allen Forster, MD, FRCP, MSc Patient Safety Officer, The Ottawa Hospital

“I can state unequivocally that the Just Culture work we have performed with The Just Culture Company on improving our learning culture has been transformative. Their approach is incredibly engaging.”