Just Culture Pathways

Recommendations to Implement and Sustain a Just Culture in Your Organization

Just Culture begins with executive support

Do You Have Executive Support for Just Culture?

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Identify and achieve key implementation milestones

How to Build a Successful and Sustainable Implementation Plan

  • Reach and Engage Internal Stakeholders

    • Safety, Risk, and Quality
    • Organizational Development
    • Human Resources
    • Operations
    • Communications
    • Legal
    • Unions
  • Identify Just Culture Champions

    • Select and train Champions to build internal subject matter expertise
    • Validate the competency of Champions through certification
  • Train Managers

    • Reach and teach 100% of your frontline managers
    • Deliver training, in an easy-to-use, “on-demand” desktop application
    • Document learning using our 25-question post-test
    • Support managerial competency through scenarios and simulation
  • Engage & Empower Staff

    • Teach staff about Just Culture
    • Increase the effectiveness of feedback staff provide and receive
    • Use storytelling to bring concepts to life
  • Align Policies

    • Recognize reward and punish according to the tenets of a Just Culture
    • Adopt model policy language
  • Measure & Share Successes

    • Establish baseline measures using employee engagement, safety, and other survey data
    • Show the impact of Just Culture on important outcomes
    • Celebrate success!

Support for Just Culture Stakeholders

You drive the change. We provide the guidance to help manage change.

Just Culture Champions

developing & sustaining deep subject matter expertise in Just Culture


a pathway for frontline managers

Organizational Development Partners

communication, leadership, coaching, and mentoring skills in a Just Culture

Safety, Risk, and Quality Leaders

optimize the impact of HRO tools & tactics and team training using Just Culture

Communications & Marketing Team Members

communicating expectations & the value of Just Culture across your organization

Performance Improvement, LEAN, and Industrial Engineering Teams

evaluate your organization’s improvement toolkit & learn new ways to optimize system design

When you have questions, we're here to help.

The Just Culture Company is a relationship-based firm committed to helping your organization build its internal capacity to achieve and sustain a Just Culture.