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Just Culture Master Certification Course

The Concepts of Justice: Workplace and Society


A decade ago, our pioneering Just Culture Certification was a 40-hour in-person experience. Aimed at developing thought leaders, this course has since evolved in response to the industry’s changing needs. Today, the original 40-hour in-person program has transitioned into the Certification MASTER Course, delivered in-person via e-learning platform.

With varying models of Just Culture emerging, some of which lack the necessary depth in safety science and legal structure, there’s a growing need for well-educated professionals in the field. Suitable for HR, legal, safety, and operational leaders, this course equips you with the comprehensive background to navigate and lead in the Just Culture landscape.

8-weeks total

40 hours for the entire course (16 two-hour sessions, plus 8 hours of self-paced assignments)

Self-paced assignments

8 hours of homework, readings, and exercises

Virtual two-hour sessions

Mondays and Thursdays 3-5pm EST

Exam and Certificate

20 question short answer exam, followed by available advisor consultation

Key Topics Covered

  1. Core principles: Organizational missions, values, and expectations
  2. Legal foundations of accountability: Morissette v U.S., Employment-at-Will, the Model Penal Code
  3. Duty: Values, Procedures, Outcomes, duty to self and others, duty to save
  4. Substantive Justice v Procedural Justice v Restorative Justice
  5. Building Psychological Safety
  6. Measures: Adverse Events, Reporting, Retention, Burnout, Happiness
  7. Compassion: Mercy, Grace, and Forgiveness
  8. The Just Culture Algorithm
  9. Alternative models: James Reason, Sidney Dekker, and others
  10. Building Cultures: Designing robust systems, understanding human factors, and fostering a learning culture
  11. Markers: Open reporting, search for causes, transparency, system design, coaching, serverity bias, equity
  12. Deep dives: Causation, legal theories, and contemporary cultural views
  13. Just Culture across contexts: Family life, media, sports, and global workplace models
  14. Strategy and Implementation: Surveillance, measurement, and organizational change strategies
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