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Root Cause Analysis Course


The newly revised RCA course is aligned with The Just Culture Company principals of Just Culture to provide organizations the benefit of our more than 25 years of internationally awarded investigative experience in high consequence industries.The revised 3 session e-Learning Root Cause Analysis (RCA) course combines large group instruction, small group exercises and case-based scenarios to equip learners with foundational knowledge and skills needed to improve RCA capability to reduce organizational risk and achieve the following:

1. Improve RCA capability

2. Mitigate organizational risk

3. Improve system design reliability

4. Manage human behavior more effectively

5. Develop more robust corrective actions

6. Contribute to justice and accountability

3 days total

15 hours the entire course

Key Topics Covered

  1. List key attributes and benefits of Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
  2. Identify the limitations of RCA
  3. Distinguish between direct cause, probabilistic cause and conditional information within the process of developing cause-and-effect representations
  4. Identify factors that shape human performance
  5. Identify factors that influence system design
  6. List and describe the spectrum of the 5 behaviors model and how to competently assess each within an investigatory framework
  7. Describe the appropriate organizational response(s) for each intention/behavior
  8. Identify and sequence the 5 elements of a threshold (event) investigation
  9. Develop effective causal narrative utilizing the 5 rules of causation
  10. Utilize the 10-step investigation process to enhance the quality of RCA output
  11. Distinguish between effective and ineffective investigation interview techniques
  12. Describe how individual performance and system design contribute to outcomes and the managers’ role in improving each
  13. List strategies individual managers and organizations can use to manage risk
  14. Using case scenarios, apply knowledge of human cognition, the 5-behavioral spectrum of human intention/behaviors, and the findings from a threshold investigation to determine the appropriate managerial/organizational response to mitigate risk

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