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Nine behavioral benchmarks

How can an organization maximize its performance given it is populated with inescapably fallible human beings, all cursed with a propensity to drift into at-risk behavioral choices, and to occasionally make unjustifiably self-serving decisions?

We embrace nine behavioral markers tied to systems and choices that are tied to a successful Just Culture Implementation:

  1. The reporting of hazards and near misses.
  2. The investigation of hazard sources and near miss events to identify any system or behavioral contributions.
  3. The continuous evaluation and improvement of the systems and processes in which team members work.
  4. Appropriate transparency within work groups, so that all team members can learn.
  5. Peer to peer coaching from fellow team members.
  6. Rejecting no harm, no foul (removing severity bias) as a risk management practice.
  7. Refraining from disciplinary sanction as a de facto response to human errors and at-risk behaviors.
  8. Having little tolerance for behaviors that deliberately and unjustifiably compromise the mission or protected values.
  9. Being fair and equitable in response to less-than-desired behavior across disciplines and work groups.


Each of these nine factors translate into observable behavior. Exhibit these behaviors, and an organization cannot help but improve.  These behaviors are applicable to the protection of patient safety, employee safety, customer privacy, workplace inclusion, environmental protection, financial stewardship, as well as any other organizational objective or values being protected.