Registered Nurse Continuing Education Credit through JCAT Software


RNs who complete the 25 question proficiency exam with a score of 80% or greater are eligible to download a Certificate of Completion and receive 4.0 contact hours of continuing education, described below.

Provider approved by the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number CEP1367, Debora Simmons, for 4.0 contact hours. Because continuing education requirements and credit consideration are mandated by each state board, each participant is encouraged to check their own requirements for continuing education credit. Some states may not recognize California provider CE.

Participants are solely responsible for determining if the continuing education provided is recognized by the regulatory or certifying entity to whom they wish to submit evidence of continuing education completion.


As a result of active participation in the online course, learners will

  1. Identify the role of an organization’s mission and values in establishing culture of fair accountability and continuous improvement (“just culture”)
  2. List and differentiate the five core behaviors representing the spectrum of human intention
  3. Define “severity bias” and the impact of outcome bias in shaping a culture of learning and fair accountability
  4. Define the factors contributing to strong system design and the relationship between risk mitigation, values, and design
  5. Define and describe the three duties and how to identify & respond when breaches of those duties occur
  6. Describe the manager’s role in shaping systems and the behavioral choices of employees for purposes of fostering a culture of learning and fair accountability
  7. Differentiate “coaching” from disciplinary action as a means of managing risk proactively
  8. Identify the role of ‘the reasonable person standard’ in evaluating perception of risk and behavioral choices
  9. Define and contrast values-based, outcome-based and procedure-based duties
  10. Consider how evaluation of individuals’ sentinel choices and patterns of behavior should be considered in formal performance and competency evaluation processes.

Provider’s policy regarding refunds (including timelines) for nonattendance by the registrant.

Continuing education contact hours, as described above, are available and may be attained via certificate download upon successful completion (80%) of the post-test. Participants are not entitled to full or partial refund of the JCAT licensing fee should they choose not to complete the embedded training or do not attain 80% on the post-test. Participants may be granted multiple opportunities to achieve 80% on the post-test by contacting The Just Culture Company support team.