Just Culture Online Training for Managers (Group License)


Includes: 1-year license to 4 hours of online training on the Just Culture model and the application of the Just Culture AlgorithmTM 4.0. – Hard copy of the Just Culture AlgorithmTM 4.0.

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This online course contains the following 16 chapters and will take approximately 4 hours to complete. Chapter 17 is the Final Exam.

  1. Introduction
  2. Missions and Values
  3. Duties, aspirations, and Expectations
  4. The Five Behaviors
  5. Role modeling, Mentoring, and Coaching
  6. Severity Bias and the Role of Disciplinary Sanction
  7. System Design
  8. Learning
  9. Introduction to the Three Duties and the Just Culture Algorithm
  10. The Duty to Avoid Causing Unjustifiable Risk or Harm
  11. The Duty to Follow Procedural Rules
  12. The Duty to Produce Outcomes
  13. Repetitive Human Errors
  14. Repetitive At-Risk Behaviors
  15. The Body of Work – Performance Evaluation
  16. Mercy, Grave, and Forgiveness


NOTE: The 25-question final exam is the only group of questions that require a passing score. Passing the Final Exam in this course with a score of 80% correct or better will provide you with a certificate of completion. All other chapters 1 through 16, are marked as completed when the chapter quiz is taken whether or not you answered the question correctly.

Additional information

Algorithm 4.0

includes a printed trifold of the Just Culture Algorithm v4.0