Peer Review Course


This new training course is intended to provide a roadmap to introducing and applying the principles of Just Culture into the clinical PEER review process.  The original well-intended model of holding healthcare personnel accountable through the clinical PEER review is now often seen in a negative light as a heavily judgmental, disciplinary, and demeaning process.  The goal of this training, through the introduction of Just Culture, is to provide a process of elevated accountability, improvement and learning in a culture that is fair, equitable and just. The course is designed for anyone involved, or subject to, the medical PEER review process, including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, risk managers, etc.

 Additional goals of training include:

  1. Provide clarity of committee structure and roles
  2. Better investigation and reporting
  3. Understanding of human performance and behavior management
  4. Application of improved system design to action plans
  5. Mitigation of personal and organization risk
  6. Meaningful corrective action planning
  7. Process for validation and verification
  8. Plan for shared learning

Morning Session of day will include the following:

  • Brief review of the JC principles and overview of training session
  • Overview of the history and intended goals of the PEER Review process
  • Discussion addressing:
    • committee membership and structure
    • onboarding of member
    • event review process and case presentation
    • review committee methodology, meeting frequency and case presentations
    • how do cases come to PEER committee
    • participation of involve clinician
  • Focused session on recognizing and managing relevant biases at play in Peer Review committees (i.e., Outcome Severity Bias, Hindsight Bias, Attribution Bias, etc.)
    • scoring and corrective action management
    • discovery issues and physician reporting to National data bank

Afternoon session will include application of the JC model including:

  • Incorporating the JC model addressing discussion off early session
  • Presenting scenarios relevant to PEER review process and applying threshold investigation, five behaviors and three duties
  • The role of grace, mercy, and forgiveness in PEER review
  • Identifying learning components
  • Applying meaningful corrective action planning

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Attendance in this Peer Review Course requires previous completion of any of the following courses: Master Just Culture Certification Course, Standard Just Culture Certification Course, Just Culture for Managers Course (4-hours),