Substantive v. Procedural Justice

We split justice into two components: procedural and substantive.  Both are important to a just workplace.  Most of us know procedural justice as “due process.” What makes an investigation fair, equitable, and just?  What elements of due process are required?


Substantive justice refers to definition of workplace crimes. What actions subject an employee to possible disciplinary sanction?  Where is the line between acceptable and unacceptable workplace behavior?  Do you punish human error?  Do you turn a blind eye to deliberately risky behavior?  Do you have a severity bias, only reacting after harm has occurred?  Does your system of justice apply to all workplace values?  Safety?  Financial stewardship?  Data protection?  Environmental protection?  Customer satisfaction?


We help our clients navigate the procedural and substantive waters of workplace justice, to build a system of workplace justice that produces both justice and better outcomes across all organizational values.