Just Culture Master Certification Course


40 hours of expert training and testing facilitated by David Marx

When we first introduced the Just Culture Certification course over a decade ago it was a 40-hour in-person course with homework at night, and an 10-question essay exam.  At the time, we needed to build champions who could sway the hearts and minds of a leadership team.  As time passed, and Just Culture became more of an industry standard, the need shifted to building competency in our core Just Culture model and the Just Culture Algorithm.  Today, it’s slimmed down a two-day course, with a much more friendly 50 question multiple choice exam.  As a result, we get many more people through the course.

Yet, today we feel the need to resurrect the original 40-hour course as the MASTER Certification course in a remote, e-learning environment.  The marketplace of ideas is getting filled with a variety of Just Culture models, some good, some lacking safety science and legal rigor.  And many people believe they understand the concepts, having never been formally trained.  It’s time to rebuild intellectual champions that can stand up to lesser models, to help guide the change at the executive level.  Whether you are an HR or legal leader, a safety leader, or an operational leader, this is the course that will give you the background and competency to steer the ship.

Put a cadre of leaders through our two-day course to ensure you have sufficient organizational competency.  And put a few key influencers through the 40-hour MASTER certification course.  Don’t shortcut workplace justice!

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Course Topics

  • Organizational missions and values
  • Free Will: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness
  • Palsgraf v. LIRR (the natural law)
  • Expectations of zero harm
  • Three Dice: designing to create robust system outcomes
  • Human factors: designing to help humans get it right
  • Employment-at-will and other labor doctrines
  • The five societal goals of punitive sanction
  • Strict liability and accountability in the tort system
  • Human Error (to err is human)
  • At-Risk Behavior (to drift is human)
  • Morissette v. the US: (the criminalization of human error)
  • Terms of Art: The Model Penal Code
  • Highly Culpable Acts (reckless, knowledge, purpose)
  • Design of workplace duties (outcomes, values, procedures)
  • The Simplified Just Culture Model
  • Statutory protections: ADA, FMLA, Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Building a learning culture while retaining accountability
  • Causation behind the five behaviors
  • Legal theories: assumption of risk, negligent retention, transferred intent
  • Just Cause and other due process requirements
  • The Just Culture Algorithm
  • Repetitive Errors and At-Risk Behaviors
  • Union Contracts and Just Culture
  • Just Culture and the Criminal Law
  • Just Culture and Professional Regulatory bodies
  • Just Culture and the Media
  • Just Culture in everyday life (family, friends, sports)
  • Survey of Just Culture models (Dekker, Reason, Johnston)
  • Contemporary cultural shifts (me too, cultural appropriation, race and gender relations)
  • International workplace justice models, cultural differences
  • Surveillance and measurement
  • Organization change strategies

Course Flow

This course will require 40 hours of your time: 20 hours in two-hour sessions on both Monday and Thursday.  It will also require roughly 20 hours of homework reading and exercises.  Video replay will be available for missed sessions.  At the conclusion of the course, you’ll be asked to take a part multiple choice, part essay exam in order to obtain your master certification.  It’s not an easy course, but it’s the most extensive training in the world on the concepts of a Just Culture.


David Marx, BSE, J.D.

CEO, The Just Culture Company/Outcome Engenuity

A Pioneer of Just Culture, engineer of The Just Culture Algorithm™


Need more information about this course? Interested in hosting a Just Certification Course at your organization? Reach out to us. We’re here to help.