We periodically run webinars on topical issues within the field of workplace justice.  Feel free to sign up.

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RCA Effectiveness in Health Care: Case Study

Jerry Allen, MS - Dec 6, 2023

12 - 1 pm EST

Description: With the ever-increasing emphasis on safety and reliability in the workplace, Industry Leaders are continually asking the question: How can I get more value from my RCA efforts?

Key Discussion Points: 

  • To discuss the 18-element methodology used to analyze select Sentinel event RCA’s.
  • To provide a quantitative baseline assessment of the organization’s ability to;
    • Match corrective actions to causal factors identified,
    • Identify and apply higher-order corrective measures to address system factors.
  • To discuss the strengths and weaknesses identified in the conclusion phase of the RCA analysis.

Culture Measurement: Nine Markers, Seven Values, Ten Industries

David Marx - December 19, 2023

12 - 1 pm EST

Description: Join David Marx and Dr. David Huntsman as they explore culture measurement across industries, from aviation to healthcare, from policing to food service. We have data to share about how 10 different industries stack up against each other, and how you can use our markers to benchmark your own organization.

Psychological Safety v. Just Culture: Can they Co-Exist?

David Marx and Samila Dutra - January 9, 2024; 12-1 pm EST

Description: Join David Marx and Samila Dutra for a discussion on the conflict between physcological safety and workplace justice. Do we really want employees to be themselves at work? Where does freedom of expression end and conduct unbecoming begin?