Workplace Justice for Staff

20-minute eLearning Course

Licenses available upon request

Align your staff with the values and missions of your organization.

Anywhere. Anytime. On any device.


This course introduces your staff to the fundamentals of Just Culture. They will be informed of the role they play in helping to improve the systems in which they work and how to appropriately hold each other accountable for the work that needs to be done to protect the values and missions of the organization.

They learn of the expectations you have of them and how they will be judged when things do not go as planned in accordance to the Just Culture model.

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Course Content:

Module 1-Just Culture

  • Two primary goals of a Just Culture
  • When we speak of Just Culture, we speak of expectations

Module 2 – Justice in the Workplace

  • Duty and Intention
  • Human Error
  • At-Risk Behavior
  • Reckless Behavior
  • Knowingly Causing Harm
  • A Purpose to Harm
  • Five Behaviors
  • The Five Behaviors – Concluded

Module 3 – How You Should Think About Systems and Choices

  • Education
  • System Design
  • Behavioral Choices
  • Three Factors Working Together

Module 4 – Your Mobile Phone

  • The Behaviors are Everywhere

Module 5 – Highly Reliable Outcomes

  • A Note about Outcomes
  • The Severity Bias

Module 6 – A Leadership Commitment

  • Conclusion
Reporting and Passing:

At the end of the course, using real-world scenarios, the staff member will be presented with 10 questions to test their understanding of the Just Culture principles they just learned. This course reports a complete/Incomplete status to the LMS. Complete is provided when the learner has completed every slide of the 18 to 20 minute eLearning experience.